Must Read!! How To Become A Successful Rap Artist In Nigeria

Must Read!! How To Become A Successful Rap Artist In Nigeria

This is a Must Read For Anyone Who Wish To Become A Successful Rap Artist In Nigeria.

It is very obvious that Nigerian music industry is totally drifting away from rap genre, fully heading towards the afrobeats.

Nowadays, most music artists currently believe that it’s a waste of time and funds investing into rap music, hence, diverging the interest of upcoming music stars into singing alone via afro beats.

The question left for us to ask ourselves is this; Is rap music actually outdated and does not sell in Nigeria anymore? The true answer is No!!

Don’t forget so soon that great artists like M.I, Phyno, Olamide, Vector, and among others excelled in rap music.

However, if you are ambitious to be a successful rapper in Nigeria, below are the things we’ve drafted out for you.

Disclaimer: It’s not a surety of excellence, but can moreover go a long way to help you!! FUTO Supplementary Admission List


Most rappers are too careless when it comes to choice of beats. Beats do matter alot. It is with utmost disdain whenever I listen to a hardcore music coupled wich rich lyrics on a poor beat.

Having dope and cool lyrics plus nice flows do not create an automacy for people to like your song(s).

However, I’ll advice you to select a wonderful beat, modify it, before you go to record your rich lyrics.

Note: Most times, it sounds very unpleasant when you keep hitting punch lines from the start to the end of a song.

Give your punch lines time to sink into the listeners mind, with a follow up of hot but simple lyrics.


Let’s take Olamide or Phyno for an instance; Olamide always show people his capability and capacity in being versatile.

Have in mind that there’s nothing wrong being a rapper, and at same time make RnB songs or party/afro songs.

Being a good and versatile rapper gives you great edge over others.


Have you ever taken time to think of why most foreign rappers like J.cole and Kendrick Lamar became famous and successful? The main reason is that they always pass a message in their song(s).

It must’nt be a motivational or inspirational message. Don’t just spit “barz”, tell interesting, true life or framed up stories with your rap music, it makes your lyric and music flows more intresting.

Don’t misunderstand me, there is actually nothing wrong with dropping punch lines or barz as you may call it, but just ensure that you have a message(s) that you’re passing to your listeners.

Rap music bocome more interesting when two good rappers lyrically goes against each other.

I do not mean you should start up beefs with co-rappers, rather that you should be very confident and capable to face, with a goal to win any rap battle or challenge per say.

This is one of the major routes to gain mega attention(s) in the rap music industry, but never take it far like beefing someone who you know is far ahead of you.

For instance, you can’t just try to beef Vector Tha Viper, doing this may earn you a result or reply which may discourage / endup your rap career.

This is not just because that he’s better off than you are, but however, due to the great number of fans fully supporting him.

In addition, always upload your music on websites such as, to make your rap music always available, streamable and downloadable at all times !!


Meet these fast rising rappers, listen to their tracks and be encouraged too.

The guides above can go a long way to help you become successful in the rap field of music industry.

If you have any question(s), or feel like adding up to the above, feel free to do so via the comment box below!!

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